May I Defer My Loan Payments?

If a student is continuing or resuming his or her education, he or she may be considered for loan deferment while he or she is enrolled as a full-time student. To be considered for deferment, contact the WDJCLP office.

Is It Possible to Apply for a WDJCLP Loan and Not Take It?

Many of our applicants don’t know their exact financial needs when they complete their WDJCLP loan application, which is why WDJCLP requires that they submit their costs of attendance and financial aid award notice.  If you or the Loan Committee determines at some point that you have sufficient financial resources, we will withdraw your WDJCLP … Read more

Do Parents Have to Apply for Federal Parent Plus Loans?

Payments on Parent Plus loans begin immediately after the loans are issued. WDJCLP recognizes that many parents in need of assistance for their children’s education cannot meet that payment schedule. For that reason, WDJCLP does not require that parents take on Parent Plus loans.

How Much of a Loan Can I Get From WDJCLP?

The maximum loan amounts are $10,000 per year for undergraduate students and $15,000 per year for graduate students. WDJCLP subtracts your total financial resources from the total cost of attending school to determine the amount of the WDJCLP loan.