Application Process

Both students who are applying for the first time and students who have previously received WDJCLP loans are required to submit an application each year starting April 1.  There are no automatic renewals for students who have received loans in the past.

STEP 1:  Start Application
When the online application is available, create an account or log in with your previous information.  See Important Dates for both loan cycles. Click on Loan Application for the online application. Your entries will be saved if you leave the application and log back in.

STEP 2: Upload Supporting Documents.
Upload supporting documents to your account on the WDJCLP application site. You may start this process before you submit your application, and you may complete this after you submit your application. You must submit the required documents by the document deadline – see Important Dates.

The supporting documents are:

  • Acceptance letter from the school you will be attending if you are an entering student
  • A copy of your current driver’s license
  • The FAFSA Submission Summary (FSS) received after filing a FAFSA application at
  • Financial aid award notice from the educational institution you will be attending in the upcoming school year
  • Transcript from the last school year you completed if you are a returning student
  • A copy of each co-signer’s current driver’s license

STEP 3:  Submit Application
Fill out the online application completely and submit it by the application deadline – see Important Dates.

STEP 4:  You may be contacted by WDJCLP.

  • If you are a new applicant, WDJCLP will contact you for a phone interview – see Important Dates.
  • If you are a returning applicant, WDJCLP may contact you with questions about your application.

STEP 5: Co-signer applications
Your co-signers will receive instructions for completing their applications online and must submit their applications by the deadline – see Important Dates.