Funding Partners

National Council of Jewish Women, Greater Detroit Section Education Assistance Donors

Bessie and Nita Barak
Penny and Harold Blumenstein
Carol Sue and Stephen Coden
Ruth Frank Memorial
Dale and Bruce Frankel
Bernard D. Glaser
Anita and Joseph Gruen
Sheila and Martin Guyer
Suzanne S. Hopp Child
Raquel and Milton M. Howard
John, Ella and Stanley Imerman
Dorothy and Harold Kaufman
Audrey and Cyndee Klein
Barbara Kuhlik Memorial
Terran and Roger Leemis
Sandra and Arnold Leshman
Robert Mersky
Sondra and Bennett Nathan
Charles F. Rosen
Deane and Barry Safir
Lori, Joan and Neil Satovsky
Jerry and Libby Sherbin
Vera Parshall Shiffman
Marilyn and Jerome Soble
Benjamin D. and Elsa F. Welling
Wetsman Family
Bess Fishman Wilk Scholarship
Ruth Rothschild Wolf
Ann and William Zousmer
Julie and Richard Zussman
The Women of Maimonides Medical Education Assistance Fund

A & T Scholarship Fund
Accountants Guild Scholarship Fund
Alpha Zeta Omega/Berkowitz Scholarship Fund
Harry E. & Helen S. August Scholarship Fund
Sidney & Elaine Barbas Education Fund
Sonny Barnett Scholarship Fund
Carolyn & James Bellinson Education Fund
Mildred & Aaron* Berg Education Fund
Acher Ben-Moche Memorial Education Fund
Bleznak Family Education Fund
Alfred Berkowitz Scholarship Fund
Samuel Blechman Memorial Scholarship Fund
Herbert & Jane Blumberg Scholarship Fund
Robert Blumberg Memorial Scholarship Fund
B’nai B’rith Accountants Unit
Brownstein/Selko Scholarship Fund
Burnstein Family Foundation Education Fund
Lili & Baruch Cahlon Education Fund
Jimmy Caplan Memorial Scholarship Fund
Samuel & Anna Chapin Memorial Scholarship Fund
Sadye Cohen Memorial Scholarship Fund
Dr. Daniel E. Cohn Memorial Scholarship Fund
Abraham & Rose Cooper Memorial Scholarship Fund
Gail Danto & Art Roffey Education Fund
Marvin & Betty Danto Education Fund
William Davidson Education Fund
Sandra Maxine Davis Educational Fund
Helen L. DeRoy Educational & Scholarship Fund
Ellen & Gil deMarrais Memorial Education Fund
Adolph Deutsch Educational & Scholarship Fund
Clara & Dora Ehrlich Memorial Scholarship Fund
Michele & Brian Elias Education Fund
Shirley and Irving Fader Jewish Education Scholarship Fund
Suzanne & Jonathan Fellows Family Education Fund
Ruth Franklin Einstein Education Assistance Fund of Temple Beth El
Fink/Park Scholarship Fund
Harold Fortgang Education Fund
Arnold E. Frank Memorial Scholarship Fund
Richard S. Frank Memorial Scholarship Fund
Stuart B. Freedman Memorial Education Fund
Abram & Fania Toba Gardin Memorial Scholarship Fund
Max & Rosella Gittleman Memorial Scholarship Fund
Amy & David Goldman Family Education Fund
Irving & Doris Lee Goldman Scholarship Fund
Susan & Robert Gordon Education Fund
Sylvia & Marvin Gordon Fund
Samuel S. Greenberg Educational & Scholarship Fund
Benjamin Greenfield Scholarship Fund
Dorothy L. Gross Fund
HFL 125th Anniversary Education Fund
Hebrew Free Loan Education Fund
Peter & Shirlye Helman Education Fund
Bernard Hirsch Scholarship Fund
Dr. Joseph Honet Scholarship Fund
Edgar Hyman Scholarship Fund
Sam Israel Scholarship Fund
Joseph H. & Edythe Jackier Scholarship Fund
Lawrence S. Jackier Scholarship Fund
Jacknow Fund
Alan K. Jackson Memorial Scholarship Fund
Jewish Federation of Metropolitan Detroit Scholarship Fund
Marjorie & Maxwell Jospey Education Fund
Ruth & Irwin (z’l) Kahn Education Fund
Mark Kahn Education Fund
Mabel & Nathan N. Kaplan Scholarship Fund
D. Dan & Betty Kahn Education Fund
Babs & Herb Kaufman College Loan Fund
Chaim, Fanny, Louis, Benjamin and Anne Florence Kaufman Education Loan Fund
Ketai Family Education Fund
Edward & Barbara Klarman Education Fund
Ernest & Sharon Klein Scholarship Fund
Lisa & Danny Klein Family Education Fund
Anessa & David Kramer Education Fund
Adeline & John Krasnick Scholarship Fund
Irving & Beverly Laker Family Education Fund
Joseph Langnas Scholarship Fund
Stephen & Livia Lanyi Scholarship Fund
Dr. Alden M. and Lorraine Leib Medical/Dental Education Fund
Levin Family Education Fund
Hoke & Maxine Levin Scholarship Fund
Susanne Jackson Levy & Stanley H Levy MD College Graduate Student Loan Fund
Rena & Mark Lewis Family Education Fund
Lieberman Family Scholarship Fund
Beth E. & Malcolm S. Lowenstein Scholarship Fund
Ida Lurie Scholarship Fund
Benard L. & Rosalyn Maas Scholarship Fund
Donna and Michael Maddin Education Fund
Henry F. Marcus D.O. Medical School Education Fund
Dr. Avery David Milberger Memorial Education Fund
Joseph & Benjamin Miller Fund
Louis P. & Beatrice J. Miller Scholarship Fund
Max Milstein Scholarship Fund
Must Family Education Fund
Etta Nadler Scholarship Fund
Judie Narens Memorial Education Fund
Louise R. Newman Scholarship Fund
Arthur Peschansky Education Fund
Solomon & Rose Perlstein Memorial Scholarship Fund
Sylvia & George Pevin Scholarship Fund
Podiatry Service, P.C. Scholarship Fund
James L. Pollak Educational & Scholarship Fund
Fannie Potashnick Scholarship Fund
Lillian Takser Reinheimer and Robert R. Reinheimer Memorial Scholarship Fund
Gloria Rivkin Scholarship Fund
Milton & Bessie Rochlin Scholarship Fund
Leslie & Marjorie Rose Scholarship Fund
Bruce H. and Rosalie N. Rosen Wayne State Business Education Fund
Rosen-Gold Scholarship Fund
Dr. Nathan & Elinor Rubin Family Education Fund
Mayer, Tillie, Harold & Miriam Sansky Education Fund
Robert (z’l) & Bluma Schechter Education Loan Fund
Scherr Family Scholarship Fund
Edward & Paula Schonberg Education Fund
Ethel J. & Sidney G. Sherman Scholarship Fund
Peter & Esther Shifrin Scholarship Fund
Ellen Shochet Memorial Scholarship Fund
Abraham & Elizabeth Shulevitz Scholarship Fund
Blanche & Daniel Siegel Scholarship Fund
Sigma Theta Delta Foundation Scholarship Fund
Robert & Marilyn Silver Scholarship Fund
Sinai Medical Staff Foundation
Robert and Susan Sovel Education Fund
Lee D. Stein Scholarship Fund
Jeffrey C. Surnow Education Fund
Tabashnik/Kapetansky Memorial Scholarship Fund
Tamarack/Maas Scholarship Fund
Myer and Lillian Teitelbaum Scholarship Fund
Charles & Zelda Tennen Scholarship Fund
Dr. Charles Tenner Family Education Fund
United Jewish Foundation
AnnaRose Hersh Vaas Scholarship Fund
Coleman S. Verona Family Scholarship Fund
Henri & Lila Wagmann Memorial Education Fund
Lee & Ella Weinberg Scholarship Fund
Lawrence & Idell Weisberg Scholarship Fund
Leon & Josephine Winkelman Scholarship Fund
Samuel Yura Law School Scholarship Fund
Carol & Gene Zamler Education Fund
William Zimmermann Memorial Scholarship Fund