Graduated Repayment Chart

Repayment Terms

During the time you are enrolled in school full-time you will make $100 payments once per year in June which begins to pay down your loan.

Monthly Repayment begins six months after graduation. The repayment period is ten years. The WDJCLP’s repayment program is graduated so that in your first years after graduation, when your income is likely to be at its smallest, you will make the smallest payments.

Say you owe $30,000 by the time you graduate:

Repayment Year Percentage of Total Loan Annual Amount Monthly Payment
Year 15.0%$1,500$125.00
Year 25.0%$1,500$125.00
Year 35.0%$1,500$125.00
Year 48.5%$2,550$212.50
Year 510.0%$3,000$250.00
Year 610.0%$3,000$250.00
Year 710.0%$3,000$250.00
Year 815.0%$4,500$375.00
Year 915.0%$4,500$375.00
Year 1015.0%$4,500$375.00

You are welcome to accelerate your repayment as much as you would like. By doing so, you will allow WDJCLP to help more students in need. There is no fee for paying back the loan early.