Loan Repayment

An annual $100 payment is due every June 1 while the student is in school.

Monthly repayment begins six months after either graduation or after you have terminated your course of study.  For example, if you graduate in June, your first payment will be due December 1st.  WDJCLP will send you a loan statement.

Repayment is spread over ten years.  The repayment schedule is graduated so that in your first years after graduation, when your income is likely to be at its smallest, you will make the smallest payments.

Once your loan is paid off, WDJCLP will send you a letter with your promissory note(s) marked “Paid in Full”.  You will then join the ranks of WDJCLP’s alumni.  We hope you will consider becoming a WDJCLP donor so that you can lend a helping hand to the next generation.